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Fanfic: toph goes to the south pole.

“Come on we are almost there, don’t tell me you are freezing?”
“Sokka what bloody part about me being blind you don’t get!? We are on ice, i can’t bend it and even if i could it’s just too cold for my bare feet!”
Sokka looked at toph, she was mad to herself, being blind had never been a problem to her. she could see with the power of te earth, but now she was helpless. The cold was too much for her and she had to wear the boots. That little girl that had made a great difference between winning and loosing he war, the greatest earthbender ever and the one that discovered metalbending was standing helplessly in front of him. Sokka grabbed her hand an toph blushed inmediatly, even if she couldn’t see, there was no mistake, that was his dear lover’s hand. She smiled trying to disimulate that blush but it was too late cause sokka had already noticed it.
“i’ll gide you, grab my hand tight, i promise i won’t ever let you go…”
“ever….” affirmed sokka.
They walked trough the snow from the metal ship to the tribe, soon they were already inside the igloo of gran gran with a warm cup of tea in their hands. Toph breathed as near as she could from the cup expecting to warm herself up a bit. Gran gran couldn’t avoid noticing the little and misterious girl her granchild had brought home never looked her back while talking or answering to her querions.
“young girl may i request why is your sight lost in the horizon?”
Sokka blushed, he haven’t told gran gran about toph being blind. He was worried about the girl’s reaction to this question, so he tried to ignore it offering more tea to both.
“Well…” she answered calmly “even if this bunhead forgets it a lot, i’m blind…but till today i haven’t had a single problem at seeing at all…”

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